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Peyton Retires!
Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos have called for a press conference today at which Manning will announce that he will retire from the NFL.
Peyton Manning Emotionally Denies Drug Use In ESPN Interview
Peyton Manning was accused of using HGH in an Al Jazeera investigative documentary this past weekend. But, some people in the documentary are now denying what they said in the documentary and it's turned into a big "he said, she said". So I did my own "investigative j…
Peyton Manning Shares Sweet Moment With Media Member
As reporters fought their way up to Peyton Manning's booth to yell out questions at the Denver Broncos quarterback during Tuesday's Super Bowl media day, one member of the media, admittedly a huge Manning fan, caught his attention quickly when she put in a request...
Thanks For The Memories #18!
After months of speculation and second guessing by fans and analysts it all comes down to today, and a fond farewell to Peyton Manning.  
Everyone knows the story of his injury, his salary and why this is all doesn't mean as Colts fans we have to like it...

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