If you love creepy clowns and Halloween, we have something that's right down your sewer drain. We will be giving away two Old Courthouse Catacombs VIP tickets (Skip the line? Yes, please!) a $300 cash card, and the local winner will have a chance at the $5,000 grand prize! The Old Courthouse Catacombs Scavenger Haunt is Pokemon go, meets Halloween, meets awesome prizes!

There will be scary selfies to take and a creepy little red balloon that floats through downtown Evansville. Chase the balloon and catch it for big points that earn you entries to win the cash, the VIP tickets, and a chance at the $5K!

Seem too good to be true? It's not your dreams or your worst fears come to life. Oh, it's real alright! To play all you need is the free app! You complete different tasks, and acquire points! Every challenge is worth a different amount of points.

The contest starts October 14, 2019. You'll have two weeks to get as many points as you can! Just download our app and then check out the middle bar. You'll see a pumpkin head - click on that and sign in with your email. The contest ends October 25, 2019.

scav haunt


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