It's really easy to be a big, bad, trash-talking tough guy on the phone...but what happens when it's time to let your fists do the talking? That's kinda the premise behind this prank...kinda sorta.

There is actually a little more too it than that. The "pranksters" are having a (fake) heated phone call with the other pranksters. The prankster challenges to other caller to a fight, then describes what the "victim" is wearing and then quickly flees the scene. Shortly thereafter, the other accomplices show up looking to engage in fisticuffs. The frightened and bewildered victims try desperately to explain the situation before the joke is eventually revealed to the poor innocent bastard.

And while this prank has been done before, things get ramped up this time with the inclusion of UFC fighter Matt "The Immortal" Brown and his big, beefy friends. In the world of the UFC, Matt Brown is one of the "smaller" fighters...standing 6-feet tall weighing in at 170 lbs. He may fight in the welterweight division, but I'd guess his normal walking around weight is closer to 190. That's a big boy, with even bigger friends.

This is a really well done prank. The execution is great, and in the end, no one gets hurt...maybe just a little intimidated and embarrassed. Enjoy!

And just to give you a little glimpse of what Matt Brown is capable of, check out the highlights below of his latest fight, a fight against a guy considered to be one of the most promising, potential-filled, fighters at 170 lbs.