Fight For Your Right…To Frizz Free Hair
Coming to us from the state of Wisconsin, is the tale of two winners. It involves a fierce battle over hair products, two brothers, and did not arrive from the cutting room floor from Stepbrothers filming.
Batman beatdown
In a video circulating the Internet this week, a man dressed as Batman engaged in what began as a bit of playful street theater with a non-costumed rival on the Vegas strip
But soon, faux-punches turned to real ones, and the two slugged it out in front of a crowd of onlookers. It didn't end well for…
NHL Player Jason Demers Punches Linesman Square in the Face [VIDEO]
The NHL certainly hasn't lost its fight: San Jose Sharks defenseman Jason Demers was trying to punch Dallas Stars center Steve Ott when linesmen Brian Mach jumped between the two of them in an attempt to break up the fight.
For doing his job, the official got a knuckle sandwich right in the jaw.  The…