From that headline, you'd think I was talking about children.  Actually, I'm referring to bands and musicians who make insanely stoopid career moves; but despite that we still love them and welcome them back from the abyss they wandered into.

Take Metallica for instance.  They are arguably the most successful metal band of all time.  They started testing us years ago with the Load and Re-Load albums.  A little on the soft side some would say.  Metallica felt the crticism and then hardened up for St. Anger.  Yeah, it's hard, but most of the songs are crap. 

Death Magnetic started to bring fans back around.  The songs were heavy, riffed out and had a decent hook or two.  Still it was nothing to match the quality of the music they released from the beginning to the Black album.  So, with all that being said and Metallica back in the game, they go and record an album with f**king Lou Reed.  Lucy is one of the worst albums put out by anyone, ever.  And to hear our beloved Metallica doing something so far off base and so poor in quality, I think they have again lost some cred with the fans.

So what is Metallica doing to repair the situation?  The only thing they could, get in the studio and give us a kick ass Metallica record sometime this year.  Once that happens, all will be forgiven and our favorite child will have come home to rest.

Now, let's talk about Scott Weiland (LOL),  another guy who likes to break our heart.  Early STP = awesome.  Then came some solo/soundtrack stuff (Lady Your Roof Brings Me Down and Happy) which was not very good.  Velvet Revolver was a great comeback, for a while, then Scotty effed that up apparently with ego, drug use and diva behavior.  A new STP album would help about now.  Then it came out and it kinda sucked.  So what to do next Scott?  Ah, a Christmas album full of holiday standards.  What the F?   Does no one advise Mr.Weiland on his career moves?

Scott, if you're out there listen to me...  Go beg the guys in Velvet Revolver to let you come back!  STP is fini' and the best chance you have for us to love you again is kissing Slash and Matt Sorum's asses, and getting VR back and rocking before they go and sign Fergie as their singer.   Scott, we do want to love you again.  Come home... please!