It amazes me sometimes how something so stupid (yet funny) can gain so much attention online, and how quickly a video, or videos, can go viral. The 'Harlem Shake', without a doubt, has reached viral status.

What is the Harlem Shake? Well, you can't really call it a dance fact it kinda is whatever you want it to be. Although there seem to be at least a couple guidelines. First you need to start with one individual wearing a mask, helmet or some sort of head dress. This person begins dancing all alone while everyone else in the room seems oblivious. At a certain point in the song, everybody else joins in...doing whatever. You know what, why don't I let the videos below do all of the explaining.

The cool thing about it is...the videos are only about 30 seconds long, and the Harlem Shake is most definitely open to interpretation. Below are some of my favorites, in no particular order. Oh and by the way, we're gonna try and do our own Harlem Shake video here at the radio station.  We'll get that online as soon as we can.

And the Playboy Playmate edition...just to see if you scrolled down this far.