You remember the Harlem Shake don't ya? The internet video craze that It seemed to fade away just about as quickly as it became popular. I didn't realize folks were still making Harlem Shake videos. Apparently they are, and doing so at their own peril.

The concept is so ridiculously simple (and idiotic), but so much fun too. We even did our own 103GBF/Townsquare Media version of the Harlem Shake. And at first, it seemed everyone was doing their own version...and I mean everyone...they were everywhere. And then, just like that, they just kinda stopped. We all moved on to the next viral sensation, and then the one that followed that.

But I reckon the kids in this video didn't get the memo that the Harlem Shake was done and over with. I guess they also missed the school lesson that told them about fire and gasoline not being a safe combination. They learned the hard (and hilarious) way.

Watch and laugh as these knuckleheads almost burn down their garage.