Kids React To Metallica
It's hard to believe that Freshmen in high school this year, were born after the 9/11 attacks. With that in mind, it shouldn't surprise anyone that the younger generation hasn't heard of Metallica.
Subscribe and You Could Win a Chromecast
We will continue to bribe you to like us and the things we do - our YouTube channel is a perfect example. If you subscribe (or are already a subscriber) you could win a Google Chromecast!
TV Viewer Gets Front Row Seat To A Police Chase
Breaking News in Evansville is usually a meth lab being busted or "quadruple doppler" picking up a funnel cloud. Its nothing like the excitement Los Angeles residents get when their favorite programs get interrupted.
YouTube Complaint Department Addresses Concerns
In the 1990's, before AOL disks clogged your mailbox, the only place with funny videos required you to put up with Bob Saget talking in annoying voices. Complete with a poorly designed set and obviously paid actors in the audience laughing.

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