‘It’s the 90’s!’ A Blast From The Past
By now, my love of the 90's should be no secret. I love the movies, I love the TV, I love the memories (the ones I can still remember) and I definitely love the music. And you can enjoy it too this morning with another rad edition of the 90's at Nine!
Stuff I’m Gonna Be Watching
So as we go from 100 degree days, to arctic blast, Southern Indiana has signaled that summer is over. So pack away the foam cooler and the sandals. Its time to stay indoors and enjoy the offerings of the NFL and whatever new crap the TV networks want us to watch. However this fall, I'm looking …
What You’re Missing On TV
So last night was the season premiere of My Strange Addiction on TLC. Last season brought us people who eat toilet paper, like to dress in animal costumes, and eat couch cushions. Based on last night's episode, this season won't disappoint.
Friday Fail: Part 11
From the network that brought you the horrendous Kate Plus 8 and Extreme Couponing, comes this week's fail. TLC, which stands for The Learning Channel, is now ready to destroy the world of tattooing.
Weird Al Has The Answers
Never before would I ever think to say this, but Weird Al is needed in Evansville. Now before you bring out the anti-accordion propaganda, hear me out.
I’m Not Saying ‘Wow’ This Time, Vince
Well it seems that our favorite late-night TV pitchman is in trouble again. Just two years ago, Ol' Vince was busted after knocking around a prostitute in a hotel room. And now, his behavior has taken an even creepier turn.
Top Shot Season 2 Debut
These days, there's a reality TV show competition for all kinds of things. But even if you're not into singing, modeling or cooking, you can still get in on the trend, with the History Channel's TOP SHOT, which premiered Tuesday night.