Star Wars

‘Star Wars’ Won’t Be Getting New Blu-Rays Just Yet
With the news of George Lucas' decision to give Disney control of the 'Star Wars' franchise for a news series of movies, there was hope that with Disney getting the rights it might lead to a new box set of the original films, perhaps in their original cuts. That's not going to ha…
The Best Disney / Star Wars Mash-Up Art
The geekosphere was rocked today with the announcement that Disney has purchased Lucasfilm, the home of 'Star Wars,' for $4 billion. If that wasn't enough to inspire "Goofy shot first" jokes, Disney also announced plans to release a new 'Star Wars' movie in 2015 which will not be written o…
10 Dogs Dressed as ‘Star Wars’ Characters
We really, really love 'Star Wars.' And by "love" we mean we're borderline obsessed. The only thing that could make it better is if small dogs somehow got involved. Which is to say, it just got better. These dogs display almost as much love as we feel for the fantasy…
Cat Sings ‘Star Wars’ Theme, Conquers Internet
While 'Star Wars' is darn near perfect, we've always thought it could use more cats. Imagine our glee, then, when we discovered this video of a space-faring kitty meowing the theme from the 1977 classic film. It's the best of both worlds!
Darth Schwarzenegger…I Mean Vader [Video]
Here is another example of somebody who has waaaaay too much time on their hands. Some genius has taken scenes from Star Wars: Episode IV and removed the legendary voice of Darth Vader (James Earl Jones) and replaced it with random lines from Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Lazy Jedi [VIDEO]
Master Dave is a Jedi, and he is kind of lazy.  But who can blame the guy, he's out saving the galaxy all day, and I'm sure there's sometimes where the force is just not with you.
Kid Watches Star Wars For The First Time
I'm the self appointed nerd of our workplace. You're talking about the guy who figured out the Fall Festival had free Wi-Fi within 10 minutes of being there. So it comes as no surprise I'm a huge Star Wars fan, but unfortunately the 'twist' was ruined for me before I ever sa…
Star Wars: Retold By Someone Who Has Never Seen It
There's something I gotta admit, I'm a huge Star Wars nerd. I'm talking about, taking vacation days to watch all six movies in order, nerd. So its a story I know very well. Everything from the embarrassment known as Jar-Jar Binks, to the classiest dude in the galaxy Lando Calrissian.
Light Saber Prank Leads to Suspension
Two high school seniors at Westfield High School in Massachusetts wanted to entertain their fellow students by staging a lightsaber battle in the school cafeteria during lunch.
According to onlookers, one of the seniors entered the cafeteria from one side, and the other from another, and then they me…

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