Miami Heat

Hitler Reacts to Miami Heat’s NBA Championship Loss [VIDEO]
The latest edition of the Hitler 'Downfall' Internet meme has the Fuhrer furiously bemoaning the demise of the Miami Heat and its star, LeBron James, who lost the 2011 NBA Championship to the Dallas Mavericks Sunday night.
Hitler blasts LeBron as "the biggest choke artist since David Carradine&q…
Its Funny, Cause Its A Dying Medium
Score one more for the internet. Like it or not, Newspapers are old school. At least when I make embarrassing grammatical errors on this site, I can go back and change them. Its like it never happened. The same can't be said for newspapers.
Sports and hot chicks
There must have been a mix-up in TNT's control room when the second half of Tuesday night's game between the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls began.
That's because basketball fans were treated to a live feed of one of TNT's cameramen rather blatantly using the tool of his trade to…