Kyng vs. Lynam – Rocktagon
Kyng faces off against Lynam in this weekend's Rocktagon battle brought to you by Unspoken Art Studio. Listen to the songs, cast your vote, and find out who wins during Nocturnal Emissions. Voting wraps up Monday night at 8!
Kyng vs. Toadies – Rocktagon
The Toadies will end the week in the Rocktagon for their 5th bout, where they will face off against Kyng. Cast your vote now and listen for the winner tonight during Nocturnal Emissions.
Rise Against vs. Kyng – Rocktagon
After ending the week undefeated, Brookroyal offically enters Rocktagon retirement. So we got a new week, and two new contenders. This is the second Rocktagon appearance for each band. Your vote decides who stays. So get to it, and listen for the winner tonight during Nocturnal Emissions...
Lacuna Coil vs Kyng – Rocktagon
After back to back weeks of having one band sweep away all the others in the Rocktagon, Egypt Central fell fast this week. Last night they were totally blown out of the competition by Lacuna Coil. So tonight Lacuna Coil will return to the Rocktagon to face GBF newcomer's Kyng.