After back to back weeks of having one band sweep away all the others in the Rocktagon, Egypt Central fell fast this week. Last night they were totally blown out of the competition by Lacuna Coil. So tonight Lacuna Coil will return to the Rocktagon to face GBF newcomer's Kyng.

Voting will continue all day right here on and I'll get phone votes after the 8 O'Clock Fourgasm at 1(888)900-WGBF. I'll have your winner after 9 during Nocturnal Emissions. So be sure to catch it on air or online.

  • Lacuna Coil - 'Trip the Darkness'

    Its the first release off their upcoming 6th studio album, Dark Adrenaline, which is due out in stores on January 23rd, 2012.

  • Kyng - 'Falling Down'

    Kyng is a newcomer to GBF. Falling Down is the first song off their latest album Trampled Sun.