Jeremy Renner

Matt Damon in Negotiations to Return to ‘Bourne’ Franchise
Just as recently as earlier this year, Matt Damon was talking that a return to the 'Bourne' franchise that turned him into an A-list action star was highly unlikely. But, this is Hollywood and sometimes what is completely unlikely one day (like Ben Affleck as Batman), becomes a reality the next. And…
‘The Bourne Legacy’ Trailer
I originally posted about the new flick way back at this time. Side note, I have now made two postings about 'Bourne' related items and I have yet to see any of the movies. However, I know that they are popular and now they have a new leading character for the franchise.
The New Bourne
Two-time Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner is set to take over the 'Bourne' franchise from Matt Damon, Deadline is reporting.
Universal Pictures has formally made an offer to him, and Renner is expected to sign on quickly for a September start date.