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Why doesn’t MTV play music videos anymore? [NSFW video]
We've all asked this same question ourselves. Why the teen dramas? Why the crappy reality shows? Why do I have to wake up at 6am if I want to see a music video anymore?
Well, 'Michael Destiny' has the answer we've all been waiting for. It just might not have been the answer we wan…
Lazy Jedi [VIDEO]
Master Dave is a Jedi, and he is kind of lazy.  But who can blame the guy, he's out saving the galaxy all day, and I'm sure there's sometimes where the force is just not with you.
Swamp Ass, a Growing Summer Problem
With the summer being in full swing here in the Tri-State, ninety degree temps will be the norm for weeks to come. Keeping cool can be a difficult task when you're working or playing outside. The easiest way your body keeps cool during this time is sweating. Some of us, (I'll raise my hand) can some…
Tis The Season…For Humping?
Now I know why men are ofter referred to as "dogs". Cause all we think about is humping something or somebody...and we will indeed hump just about anything or anybody.
This dog is awesome, and this is why dogs rule and cats are stupid. Merry Christmas!!!