5 Tips to Avoid Epic Failure at Graduation
Well, we've come to that exciting time of year again where students who've put in years of hard work are finally basking in the light at the end of the tunnel as they cross the threshold of completing a major chapter in their lives, and now they feel like they can conquer pretty much anyth…
WorldWideInterwebz Brings Us Ultimate Faceplant Video
Be aware, cell phones are everywhere. And if you're going to face plant, someone is going to be there to capture it.
Ultimately it will be uploaded to YouTube, and someone like WorldWideInterwebz is going to compile it in to the ultimate face plant video...
April Fail Compilation [Video]
Need a pick-me-up on a Monday? How 'bout watching other people injure and make a fool of themselves...that always makes me feel better. And one of the things there is NO shortage of on the internet, it's FAIL videos.
Fail Of The Week
Lets start this off with a little bit of a disclaimer. I already know. I've heard the insults and criticism. I've heard everything a person can say about the Bears. My only response is, do you remember the Colts before Manning came along?
Doors…They’re Difficult
In an average day, a person will encounter 30 doors, according to the stats I just made up. However, it seems that a segment of the population finds doors rather difficult to maneuver. Thankfully in the Youtube era, everybody is armed with a camera ready to roll for internet glory. So what do you ha…
Golf Carting Gone Wrong
It's already August but there's still a few weeks left in the summer to hit the links and get 18 holes in.  Some of you might prefer to drive the cart and enjoy a cold one while neglecting the actual golf part.  Whatever you do, it's probably best if you don't end up li…
Friday Fail: Part 3
Here's your 3rd installment of Friday Fail. Delivered in a classy Australian accent, so you know its good. Also its being called 'the worst escape attempt ever'. So what are you doing? Watch it!
If you have some Fail, send it to me! trav@103gbfrocks...

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