Its Fail Friday!
We actually wanted to do the 'Beat the Hell out of a Car' promotion at my college station. They wouldn't let us do it. Now I know why.
Epic Fail!
Everybody loves a winner!  The losers however,  become internet fodder.  It's not for lack of effort, just lack of success!   Next time you're feeling a little down, just remember that you're not as big a dumnass as the folks in this video...
Shopping Cart Race – Video these things EVER end well? Is there any chance you DON"T know what's going to happen in this video? When will people learn? Hopefully not for a while...cause I still like watching people FAIL and eat concrete.
Nudity + Pain = Funny
I've never understood the appeal of taking off all of your clothes and running onto the field at a sporting event...or down a crowded street...or anywhere in public.