Cats Sneeze Along to Dubstep, Make Dubstep Listenable
Just when we finally thought that dubstep was mercifully on its way out, a new video comes along that breathes life back into the dance genre. And who do we owe for that? None other than cats, the internet's unofficial mascot. We'll get you for this, cats.
Kids Give An Honest Review Of Dubstep
From my experience, nothing can ruin a person's optimism like a child. Like the kid who pointed to me and said to his mom, "He has his ears pierced like a GIRL!"
The Noisey Music Channel on YouTube got some kids together (apparently spiked their drinks with some Go-Go Juice), a…
Kramer Discovers Dubstep
Ah...a melding of 90's and today's pop culture into one delicious stew.
Dubstep is a new form of...um...music that is on the rise. You may remember us playing that new song from Korn 'Get Up' which features Skrillex. Well, it's a little known fact that dubstep showed up for the first time during th…
Korn ‘Get Up’ [Video]
Sandman told ya about it a couple of months back but I thought I would follow-up with the official video for the song.