College Humor

If the 10 Commandments Were Made Today (video)
"Thou shall not kill" and "Thou shall not steal" are kind of major offenses these days. (And by "kind of" I mean "absolutely punishable in a court of law".) So College Humor decided to update the 10 Commandments for the modern a…
Bassists Look Too Bored (with Mark Hoppus)
Let's face it, some bassists just look bored when they play. They look unenthusiastic on stage, like, "Oh, wow, another night playing in front of thousands of fans. ...This is great, really." I mean, someone just needs to light a fire under their asses! Which is why Mark …
Smarter Choices – Avoid the Rooftop Slip ‘N Slide
And here's another reason to love Christopher Meloni. He has teamed up with the folks from to present a less than authentic PSA about young people making smarter choices. His advice: don't slip 'n slide off your buddy's roof. Makes sense.