Its five days before Christmas, and you still have all your shopping to do. The stores are swamped. The merchandise has been picked over. Its easy to go insane with retail rage over the holiday season. However I'm a pro at last minute gift getting. I got all my holiday shopping done in 30 minutes on Christmas Eve last year. How? Well read my handy guide below.

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    Don't Go In With Expectations

    Most stores started stocking for Christmas after labor day. So with 5 days before Christmas you aren't going to find much. Don't go in to a store looking for a single particular item. Instead go in with a general idea and be open to suggestions from store employees. With that...

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    Treat Store Employees Nicely

    Its the busiest time of year, and store employees are bogged down in work. The last thing they need is a crappy angry customer. So break the mold. You'll also be surprised to find that store employees are a little more helpful when you put on the charm.

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    Gift Cards Rock

    If its a last minute gift, a gift card will go a long way. Plus most stores begin stocking spring merchandise the week after New Years. This could be a welcome break to people who were overburdened with winter merchandise. Some people will claim that gift cards are sort of impersonal, but it could help someone get that gift that Santa missed.

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    Well you already waited this long, what is a little longer going to hurt. Most things will go on sale right after the holiday. So go bargain hunting. Just tell them you waited a little too long. You'll save a fortune.