Where To Shop Online When You’re a Nerd On a Budget
"Cool" nerd apparel is hard to come by. Local stores think slapping a movie logo on a t-shirt serves as their "nerd quota of the month" and I'm tired of it! And if you DO happen to find something on the web you like, it costs an arm and a leg! So, Chynna is h…
Get Naked, Get Free Groceries!
Leave it to the Germans to create a completely off the wall promotion. One supermarket in the country allowed shoppers to fill up their cart and walk away with free groceries. The fine print: You had to be naked.
T Rav’s Guide To Last Minute Shopping
Its five days before Christmas, and you still have all your shopping to do. The stores are swamped. The merchandise has been picked over. Its easy to go insane with retail rage over the holiday season. However I'm a pro at last minute gift getting. I g...

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