In case you may have missed it, perennial GBF favorites Soundgarden released a brand-spankin' new live album on Tuesday. Usually I'm not a fan of live albums as they tend to lack the character that going to live show delivers. Well, the album, "Live on I-5" is an exception for me. "Live on I-5" features a lot of great Soundgarden classics like 'Spoonman,' 'Outshined,' and a very different take on 'Black Hole Sun.' One thing to note, though, even though this album was released on Tuesday, the recordings are from 1996. Don't let that year disuade you, this new album sounds awesome; it's crystal clear and makes you feel as if you are front and center at a Soundgarden concert. Well, enough of my schmoozing, you can take a listen to the entire album, for free, over at Soundgarden's Facebook page. You do have to like them to take a listen but I figure one little click of the mouse is worth getting to listen to the entire album before you buy it! Oh, and to further entice you to buy it, there's also a coupon on their Facebook page for a $1 off the purchase price if you buy the CD from Best Buy.