The title of Rocktagon Champion is once again tossed up and handed off to Shinedown this week. No band has been able to survive more than two nights in the Rocktagon this week. Will Shinedown break that trend, or will Sugar Red Drive hand them a defeat? Vote now and listen for the winner after 9, during Nocturnal Emissions.

  • Shinedown - 'Bully'

    It has been three years since the release of their last album, but Shinedown has a new one ready for release on March 27th. Its called Amaryllis and that is where you will find this new GBF rock.

  • Sugar Red Drive - 'No Apologies'

    New rock from a new band. Find this one on their album A Story of Signs. Do they have what it takes to make it a second night in the Rocktagon?