I've gone on the record before as saying that Metallica has some really "pretty" melodic music. I realize "pretty" should never be used to describe Metallica, but hopefully you know what I mean. If you just heard some of their melodies, perhaps on different instruments, you might be inclined to say "that's kinda pretty".

Here's an example...this wedding band decided to take Metallica's "Enter Sandman" and give it a little jazzy, Latino twist. And hearing it in this context is really cool. It's a really nice piece of music. I'm under the assumption that the wedding party did not know what was going on, considering one of the band guys decided to record this impromptu addition to the set list.

And to further illustrate my point, here is a video I posted quite awhile ago of some dude in some foreign country playing "Nothing Else Matters" on the hammered dulcimer.