That's not a typo in the headline by the way.  That's how dUg Pinnick spells his name.  And just exactly who is he?  Well, most musician's I know are very well acquainted with dUg from being the frontman and bassist for the band King's X.  You may or may not know them, but I've posted a video below of one of their best songs, which was recorded live in London. You can see how strong the fanbase is for the band as the crowd basically sings the entire song.

dUg is now the voice of the band KXM, a bit of a supergroup that also features Ray Luzier drummer for KoRn and George Lynch of the Lynch Mob and Dokken on guitar.  K = KoRn...X = King's X...M = Lynch Mob.   The band is just our with their debut album featuring the single "Rescue Me", the video of which is also posted below.

This interview with dUg Pinnick will air on "Loudwire Reloaded" Saturday night at 8 on 103GBF in a shorter form due to time constraints of the show.  Here is the full interview.