The other day I was shopping for another pair of Chuck Taylor's when another shopper pointed out the price tag on them, $35.99. "When I was younger, those things used to cost $10.00," he told me. Its probably a good thing they don't cost that much, because the spare bedroom in my apartment would quickly become a shrine to all things Chuck Taylor.

Now the good thing about Chucks are the things can last forever. I imagine that the first pair of Chucks were constructed from a piece of wood and a burlap potato sack, and they're probably waiting to be discovered on an episode of Antique's Roadshow.

However one man wanted a pair that would last forever. And nothing says forever like ink injected in to your skin. Ernesto Nave posted this video of Chuck's fan, Troy, having the Chuck's designed tattooed on his feet.

Although it seems to be a 'viral campaign', the blood and tattoo work would have you believe this thing is legit. Personally this would be a great tat to have. Plus its a pair of Chuck's no one else will have, unless that dude from 'Silence Of The Lambs' is looking to make a pair of shoes.

Just remember to rub the lotion on your skin.