I am completely addicted to Netflix. In fact binge-watching old reruns has almost become a new hobby! The latest series of mindmelt, is "Malcolm in the Middle."

Since the invention of Netflix, I do not know how I ever watched television before. The ability to binge-watch whatever series I want to without having to wait until next week is well worth the $8 charge for service. I have watched countless shows and countless movies, but one of my favorite things to do is rewatch old reruns of great sitcoms. "Malcolm in the Middle" is the latest addiction. After getting to know Brian Cranston as Walter White in "Breaking Bad" it is really a lot of fun to see him as Malcolm's dad, Hal. Walter and Hal have a lot in common in a weird sort of way. If you've got a weekend to burn, turn on your Netflix, and binge on some "Malcolm in the Middle" and try to not see Walter White on your screen with 4 rowdy boys and a sassy wife.