The guys that put together this video have also done several other prank videos...most of them are pretty good. Maybe I'm becoming a prude in my old age, but what makes a prank good for me is when it's funny (duh), relatively harmless, and when the "victims" can laugh at it as well. Kicking somebody in the balls or smacking someone in the face when they're not expecting it is not funny to's just mean.

And these guys do funny pranks. This prank involves a Shake Weight, which we all think is funny for obvious reasons. Check out the video below. They've also done the "fake peeing on the street" prank, which is pretty funny. They've done the "fake snake" prank (video is below as well).  They've done a "cooler" prank, a "blind guy" prank, and others.

Shake Weight Prank

Fake Snake Prank