Telekinetic Powers Prank is Pretty Brilliant [Video]
This prank/video was put together in an attempt to further promote the release of the new Carrie remake (coming out on October 18th). And it obviously worked, because here I am sharing it with you and, in turn, promoting the release of the movie.
Hilarious Shake Weight Street Prank
The guys that put together this video have also done several other prank videos...most of them are pretty good. Maybe I'm becoming a prude in my old age, but what makes a prank good for me is when it's funny (duh), relatively harmless, and when the "victims" can laugh at …
Parents Pull a Doorway Prank on Their Kid
I am NOT a big fan of pranks/videos in which parents really scare the crap out of their kids. To me, that's just mean, and a bit cruel. This prank, on the other hand, is pretty funny.  It's innocent, nobody gets hurt, and the kid's reaction is pretty funny.

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