After telling Vanity Fair about her drug use during pregnancy three years ago, Courtney Love is once again saying more crazy stuff to the magazine.

This time Love says that if Kurt Cobain were alive today that she would kill him. In the issue of the magazine hitting newsstands on Tuesday, Love says she is still angry about Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain, committing suicide in 1994.

The story probably won't go far in quieting a small group of Cobain fans who claim that Courtney Love killed the rocker. Whole websites have popped up in support of relaunching the investigation in to Cobain's death.

This isn't the first time that Love's comments have gotten her in to hot water. Just three years ago, she admitted to Vanity Fair that used drugs when pregnant with daughther Francis Bean Cobain.

Francis Bean got emancipated from her mother two years ago, and just last year in inherited 37% of Kurt Cobain's fortune. Now 19 years old, Francis Bean Cobain just purchased a million dollar home.

Courtney Love has said that she would like to patch things up with her daughter. But don't you think that when you're claiming you'd kill their already-dead father, it doesn't help things.

Love says that she is in the process of writing a tell-all book about her marriage to Cobain, which should be available next year.