Lady Goes Nuts Over Bacon Sundae
Diamonds can be a girl's best friend. But some women just prefer a bacon sundae.
Burger King recently released a bacon sundae. One YouTube user was able to capture one woman's out pouring of emotions over the release of this fast food item...
300 Teenagers Trash Walmart Store
So the party you, and 299 of your closest friends, are attending gets shut down. Where is them most logical place to move your celebration. To the place where the prices are 'always' low (lame pun on their motto, I know).
A Tuesday night house party got broken up by police...
Kat’s Tat [PHOTOS & VIDEO]
You may have heard me talking about my plans for a new tattoo. Well, I did it! AND it’s AWESOME! I have had the idea for the tattoo for a while now, and had just been waiting for the right time, and the right artist. I finally found both...
The ‘I Love Cats’ chick gets the autotune treatment
Remember this emotionally stable chick that Bobby introduced us to about a month ago? How could you forget? It's like I don't even know you anymore.
Anywho...her pop culture infamy bar has been raised by getting autotuned.  Antoine Dodson anyone?
Mugshot of the Year
Arizona resident Randon Reid gave police an early-morning scare Sunday when he reportedly shot at a grounded airplane at the Deer Valley Airport, then quickly fled the scene.
The Coolest, Craziest Novelty Easter Candies
Easter has become synonymous with delicious Cadbury eggs, pastel-hued candies, oval jellybeans and giant, hollow bunnies crafted from tasty milk chocolate. In order to compete with the masses, candy companies have had to step up their game when it comes to novelty Easter candy...