See what I did there with that there headline? Genius.

Your Indianapolis Colts will play for the final time today at Jacksonville and a win could end up being a big loss.  If the Colts were to beat the Jaguars (entirely possible) and the Rams were to lose, the winners of the Andrew Luck sweepstakes would be St. Louis with the Colts picking at #2.

That would mean missing out on the top Quarterback prospect since...Peyton Manning.  Robert Griffin III would be a nice consolation but might be viewed as a major letdown considering the Suck for Luck mantra that has permeated through Colts fans during this lost season.

Either way, should be an interesting offseason for the that begins after the conclusion of today's game (weird, huh?).  Here it all play out right here on your home for Colts football, 103GBF!