I cannot count how many 'pre-loved' books I bought during my college years. They've got character and lots of highlighted areas for easy studying. But one douchebag professor may end that tradition for students. 

By some estimates, student loan debt may be around $1 Trillion dollars in the US. One way to save money is by purchasing used text books. Joseph Henry Vogel, an economics professor at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras, is looking to end 'text book piracy'.

His patent includes having an 'access code' for exclusive online materials and discussion boards. If a student has a used book and doesn't have a valid access code they could see a lower grade due to lack of participation.

And in case you weren't aware, some college professors collect royalties on text books that they have written. But that's only on new books, not the used ones. Some resort to coming out with new editions year after year, then requiring them for their class.

In a time when the student loan defaults are on the rise, its nice to see that professors are looking for yet ANOTHER way to rip-off their students (and a double rip-off if congress allows student loan interest rates to double). Hooray college.