Figuring Out Why I’m Tired All The Time: Part I
No matter if it's early morning or late evening, when someone asks me how I'm doing my usual response is "Tired". It's become a common response, but I never realized how much truth was behind it. Until recently.
Smells Like Teen Spirit Played On Floppy Disk Readers
Let's start this off with a moment of silence for the Floppy Disk (or as this kids would call it "a 3D version of the Save Icon"). The readers have disappeared from computers in the last decade, and the only entity using the disks seems to be the US Government.
Deep Web and Dark Net: “The Underbelly of Society”
Almost all of us use the computer for information, entertainment and to search for specific things we're looking for, for one reason or another.   But beyond what's called the Surface Web, which you and I know, there are two underbelly's lying underneath the surface web...
Google Files A Frightening Patent
In a classic example of life imitating fiction, Google's parent company has filed a patent that should look familiar to fans of Futurama.
In a season 6 episode, titled "Attack of the Killer App", the crew has eyePhones injected directly into their eyeballs...
Facebook Now Offers New ‘Like’ Options
How many times have you seen a post on Facebook and thought to yourself "man I wish I could really really 'like; 'like' doesn't seem like enough." Facebook heard your inner thoughts and has responded.

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