Indiana is one of three states that now carry "Chick Beer" That's the actual name of the beer, and guess what?  It's a beer specifically for chicks!

Chick beer company prides themselves in their beer being just for chicks. While having only 97 calories and 3.5 carbs, it's figure friendly too! The packaging is really girly, it's  all pink and has a purse design on it, so even right down to the packaging it's hard to miss a bright pink 6 pack! (If you're at all interested in checking out chick beer you can click here to find out where the locations are that sell it!)

Now I'm a chick, but I'm not much of a beer chick (although I'll be honest I'm curious to try this!) I've tried all kinds of beer, I just haven't found one that I absolutely love.

What's your favorite beer?  (Although it's not "beer" it's a hard cider, my drink of choice is Woodchuck!)