In Memoriam: TV Characters That Bit the Dust in 2015
All the big award shows always have an "In Memoriam" segment to remember the people in that industry that passed during the year. Since 2016 is this Friday, I decided to have my own "In Memoriam" of the fictional character variety...
River Song’s Timeline of Episodes In Her Order
We all know the order that the Doctor encounters River Song in Doctor Who. It's the episode order! River, on the other hand, never meets the Doctor in his chronological order. I mean, the first time we ever meet River is actually at the end of her timeline! So, to make her timeline a bit&n…
Shows and Movies Leaving Netflix Jan 2016
The new year is fast approaching, so you only have a little bit of time left to watch some of your favorite shows and movies on Netflix before they're gone! Here's a list of what Netflix is saying goodbye to in Jan 2016.
Steve Harvey Announces the Wrong Miss Universe 2015 (video)
Sunday night was the Miss Universe Pageant and if you didn't watch it, don't worry, EVERYONE is talking about the highlight of the night...Steve Harvey reading the winners card wrong and announcing the WRONG Miss Universe. He corrects himself way too late, the correct Miss Universe is…
Shows To Look Forward To In 2016
Sure all your Fall shows are coming back in the Spring to pick back up again. But did you know that there are new shows JUST STARTING in Spring 2016? I've got the list of new shows AND when your Fall favorites will be returning in 2016.

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