Top Ten Most Stolen Vehicles In Evansville
I've had my car vandalized.  I've had people hit n run my car in a parking lot, but I have never had my car stolen.  It's not because I drive a sh*tty car. It's because I have two pit bulls in the back seat.
The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) released their annual “Hot Wheels” report and acco…
I Knew I Was Raising My Son Right When He Said This [Video]
I have two amazing kids...a 13-year old daughter and an almost 10-year old son. I usually give credit for all of their positive attributes to my lovely wife, who is the best mom ever. But my son recently said something that I'm taking all the credit for, and I couldn't be more proud!
Guns N Hoses Hockey Is Set For This Saturday Night
As you've been asked before...cops or firefighters?  No, it's not Guns n Hoses boxing, it's Guns n Hoses Hockey!
Like the old saying goes, :"I went to a boxing match and a hickey game broke out!"   I have been assured that fighting will be kept to a bar…

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