Not too long ago I gave you my somewhat cynical thoughts on an upcoming horror movie called Sinister. I wasn't too convinced about that one. This flick, however, looks pretty sweet. It's called V/H/S. Allow me to elaborate.

V/H/S is one of those "found footage" types of movies, similar to The Blair Witch Project, and actually credits several different directors. Keep reading, you'll see what I mean. The movie is about a group of low-budget criminals who have been hired to do the simple task of retrieving a VHS tape from an abandoned house. Sounds easy enough right? Well it wouldn't be of a movie if it were that simple.

Once they start searching the house, they find a large collection of they start watching them. Each tape contains different and disturbing footage. The footage/story on each tape was directed by a different it's kinda like a compilation movie.

I love the concept, and the brief images you get to see look pretty cool to me. V/H/S has gotten some really strong reviews so far, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing it. It will be available On Demand starting August 31st, and will hit theatres (hopefully here) on October 5th.