Hey everybody, look, it's another "scary" movie that probably won't be that scary. Actually, Sinister looks like it has potential, despite the fact that Ethan Hawke is in it.

You'll have to forgive me for being so cynical...but wouldn't you agree that it's hard to find a really scary movie these days? Of course it's really easy for me to sit here now and say this movie probably won't be scary...but I bet if you gave me the choice to either watch this in the daytime or at night, I would choose the daytime. Why? Cause I'm a big weenie, and I'd be scared to watch it in my basement right before I went to bed.

But I think what I'm trying to say is that so many "scary" movies look scary on the surface, but fail to deliver the goods. You can take some of the best snippets, some quick edits, some spooky music, and of course some creepy kids, and you've got a good-looking and scary 2-minute trailer (like this one). But then once you watch the movie, you are inevitably let down...or you only get half of a scary movie, and the other half is just stupid.

Sinister is from the producers of Paranormal Activity and Insidious. Now I'll admit that Paranormal Activity was pretty dope...but Insidious was one of those half-dope flicks. It was good until the end. The scary thing about Paranormal Activity was the unknown factor. You never really saw anything, so your imagination could go crazy. Same kind of thing with Insidious. It was scary when you really didn't know what was going on and you really couldn't see the "bad guy". But then the ending just got to be too unbelievable for me.

Maybe "believability" it the key to a scary movie for me. Some crazy dude going around killing people for no reason, or a group demented teens terrorizing a family for no reason...that is scary...cause it "could" happen to me, or you. But an ancient spirit that can come alive in a picture...or a dude that can't be killed after 27 sequels? That's not scary...is it?

What the trailer and decide for yourself.

Sinister also features Vincent D'Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket, The Cell) and Fred Dalton Thompson (Law & Order). I didn't really recognize anybody else...and that's saying something...I'm pretty good at recognizing actors. Ask anybody, they'll tell ya.