You read that correctly, these three geniuses have taken dubstep (which is all electronic) and made it with their own voices.If you're not totally sure what dubstep is, Wikipedia describes it as a type of electronic music, tight production with overwhelming bass lines, reverberant drum patterns, some samples, and occasionally vocals.   If you've heard Korn's single featuring Skrillex 'Get Up' then you've definitely heard some dubstep.

Korn's new album The Path to Totality, hits stores a week from Tuesday on Dec. 6th, and it's heavily dubstep influenced, so if you dig 'Get Up' you might be interested in checking their new album out.

In this video these three guys try to make "a capella" dubstep, and have a hard time keeping a straight face.

Now enjoy this video of these three dude's making some hilarious "A Capella Dubstep."

Oh and you can listen to Korn's 'Get Up' below!