We have so many great rescues and shelters for the homeless animals in our community, but this story right out of Evansville Animal Control really made my day. One look at the photos above and you can see how much they really helped this sweet Boxer out.   Evansville Animal Control works hard to help the animals that come through their doors. They have the Spirit Medical Fund which helps them care for sick or injured animals.  Back in March a boxer named Zazu came into Evansville Animal Control, severely neglected. Thanks to the Spirit Medical Fund Zazu was able to get the help she needed and on May 13th, Animal Control posted the following to Facebook:

Today is a bittersweet day here at the shelter. We are saying goodbye to one of our friends Zazu, as she moves on to It Takes a Village No-Kill Rescue to continue her journey of healing, and finding a home that will love and cherish her. Zazu came to us in March, a victim of neglect. The Spirit Medical Fund paid for her treatment and she has flourished with vet care and love from our staff. We will miss her greatly but we couldn't be happier for her.

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While it's so incredibly sad what Zazu went through before she ended up at EVACC, I'm so thankful for the caring, compassionate people who work there who helped make sure Zazu had a chance at a better life.  Now she's at It Takes a Village, a local rescue here in Evansville where she'll stay until she finds her forever home.

Stories like Zazu's are why I'm such a proponent of rescuing, and raising money to help our local shelters out. If you're considering adding a new furry family member to your home, please consider checking out our local shelters and rescues first. If you'd like to help out more animals like Zazu, please make a donation to the Spirit Medical Fund.  You can also make a donation to It Takes a Village as well, to help them continue their work for animals in our community.

Today is a bittersweet day here at the shelter. We are saying goodbye to one of our friends Zazu, as she moves on to It...

Posted by Evansville Animal Care & Control (Official) on Thursday, May 13, 2021

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