Well, I don't know who came up with the concept of floating cabins. Someone probably said, "Hey, if we can have HOUSEBOATS, then why not...?" But I am on board, so to speak.

And these particular floating cabins can be found at Hales Bar Marina & Resort in one of the most beautiful parts of the country--maybe even, one of the nation's more UNHERALDED places of beauty. I'm talking about Nickajack Lake on the Tennessee River.

And here's a look at those floating cabins:

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I love being on the water, and I guess this is the very definition of being on the water. But there's so much more to Hales Bar Marina on Nickajack Lake than the totally cool fact that your cabin floats. There's a huge cave at Nickajack where endangered grey bats come and go looking for food. It's a popular attraction, but you you need to paddle to get there.

Also, make sure you investigate the fascinating 125-year-old Hales Bar Dam. Lots of history...and it's kind of eerie, too.

Finally, I haven't even mentioned the elephant in the room. Well, TWO elephants. One, you're at the foothills of the Smokies, so the scenery is breathtaking. Two, Chattanooga is right there, and if you're planning an extended getaway, it's one of the most atmospheric cities in the South. Speaking of atmosphere, take a look:

Floating Cabins at Hales Bar Marina and Resort in Tennessee

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