Evansville Watch has become an online staple for happenings around the city. Hear sirens? Check Evansville Watch to see what's going on... They always seem to know what's going on across Evansville and of course they share statuses about it from what they hear across the police scanners. Today was a doozy! All four of the following posts were made in a single day. Welcome to Evansville...

First there's this guy... The answer to his (or anyone's) question here is "No!" In the history of EVER, no woman has ever been like, "Um... yeah... Let's see it." Dude, just no.

This kid... I just have no words.

So you're driving slowly through a parking lot with your flashers on... what exactly is the emergency?

And then there's this numb-nuts. I'm going to say this loudly for those of you in the back who may be hard of hearing... KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS IN PUBLIC - and YES, driving in a car is still public.

There really is never a dull moment in Evansville..

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