Did you know LEGO has an ideas section on their website where people can submit LEGO set ideas to them?  Some are just brilliant, and others make you wonder "why hasn't this happened yet?!"  This project has both qualities.

Hocus Pocus has endeared itself to fans for almost three decades, now one brilliant fan came up with a Sanderson Sister's Cottage LEGO set.  The set comes complete with Winifred's spell book, the black flame candle, and of course our favorite characters.

Here's what the creator (The Ambrinator is the creators username on LEGO's website) said about this project:

The set represents the moment when Max Dannison lights the black flame candle.
It's a magical candle made of the fat from a hanged man. If lit by a virgin during a full moon, the spirits of the dead would raise for one night.
Green light comes out of the floor and the tiles are shaking. Candles get lit by magic and so does the fireplace, the spellbook opens his eye and then the Sanderson sisters walk back into their home after 300 years, hungry for childeren...ON TOAST!
The set consists out of less then 2700 parts. It includes the cottage (50cm high, 45cm wide and 50cm long), Billy's grave and custom made Minifigures with their attributes.
You can click here to check out the LEGO ideas page for this set, and cast your vote now!

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