The Coronavirus outbreak has caused a major disruption in our everyday lives, and for many, this means staying at home.  While home is a place where all of my favorite things are, sometimes it can get boring to sit at the house all day.  Now you can take a virtual adventure through  the  creepy Winchester Mystery House.

The Winchester Mystery House is located in San Jose, California. According to the Winchester Mystery House website, it was home to Sarah Lockwood Pardee Winchester, heiress to the Winchester Repeating Arms fortune. Her life had a lot of tragedy, her daughter died of a childhood illness, and her husband passed shortly after from Tuberculosis.   After the passing of her daughter and husband she moved to California and purchased an 8-room farm house.  She would continue building the house on until she passed away.  From 1886-1922 she constantly had workers building onto the home.   The home is now over 22,000 square feet, and has become both a piece of history, and an architectural wonder. Much mystery surrounds the house, and why Sarah felt the need to constantly build onto her home.


It isn't often we're granted access to a virtual tour, as this is something special the Winchester Mystery House is doing during their temporary closure due to COVID-19.  Which is a real treat to those of us who enjoy the spookier things in life.  You can click here to take the virtual tour, but you'll want to do it soon as the tour will only be up through April 7th.

For more information on the Winchester Mystery House, you can visit their website, here.

Here's a video of ghost stories from the Winchester Mystery House.

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