Are you brave enough to sleep in a haunted building?!  

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Haunted new Harmony is known for their historic New Harmony ghost walks, but they've added another exciting adventure to their roster this Summer, an overnight stay!

For one night only, you can join in on a paranormal investigation, and stay the night at one of the most haunted buildings in New Harmony, Community House #2! You'll be among the first group of people to stay the night in that building in over a century!

Here's what Haunted New Harmony says about the event on their website:

Community House #2 was built in 1822 by the Harmonists, the Utopian Society who founded the town. The bottom floor of the three-story building would have been used for community activities, while the top two floors would have housed some of their followers. During the Owen Utopian period, the building was used for similar functions, but underwent many metamorphosis during the next two centuries. It has functioned as a print shop for the local newspaper, housed a doctor’s office, furniture store and various businesses before being purchased by the State of Indiana Museum Division.

This is one of the most active haunted locations in New Harmony. Many of our guests have witnessed phantom footsteps, moving shadows, disembodied voices and direct communication through our paranormal equipment. Over the years many others have seen full-body apparitions, moving shadows, phantom smells, sounds and missing objects.

We will spend the night on the highly active third floor after spending the evening investigating and experimenting with various paranormal experiments, including the Ganzfeld Effect (sensory deprivation) and the Psychomanteum (mirror divination) before we retire for the night.

This will be the first time anyone has attempted to sleep in the Community House overnight in decades, if not a century. Tickets are non-refundable and are limited to 15 guests.  $100 per person.

Think you have what it takes to stay the night in a haunted building?  Purchase your ticket, here!

And if overnight isn't your thing, maybe you're more of a fan of a shorter paranormal experience, check out the New Harmony Ghost Walks, they're hosting them all Summer long! You can get the schedule and ticketing info, here!


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