Do you ever find yourself wondering what ever happened to Shadows Fall? They were at the forefront of the 2000s metalcore movement, cutting their teeth in the Massachusetts underground as innovators of a new style alongside Killswitch Engage and All That Remains. They were billed high on Ozzfest lineups and earned a Grammy nomination, but their seven-album career essentially came to an end after one last tour in 2014, entering an indefinite hiatus. But why?

Drummer Jason Bittner, who is the latest addition to the ranks of New Jersey's steel toe thrashers Overkill, addressed the hiatus in a new tweet. Responding to a feature posted by Metal Insider, the skinsman said the "unfortunate hiatus" was a result of a dwindling fan base.

He said people stopped coming to see the band adding, "that's the reality - we wore out our welcome it seems - sometime you need to take a rest."

The members of Shadows Fall have done anything but rest. Guitarists Jonathan Donais and Matt Bachand have gone on to join Anthrax and Act of Defiance, respectively, while singer Brian Fair is now fronting Downpour and Hell Night as well as his old band Overcast which was active prior to the formation of Shadows Fall.

Still, the decline in attendance at Shadows Fall shows is a curious one as their peers in the metalcore scene continue to thrive. It's also a sobering reality for fans, as it becomes clear why it is important to support your favorite bands. As bands and labels still navigate the financial landscape of the music industry that was ruined with the collapse of traditional album sales, touring is a do-or-die commodity, so go to those shows!

Bittner, who joined Flotsam and Jetsam for three years and performed on their self-titled 2016 album, will make his studio debut with Overkill this year. He was brought in to replace Ron Lipnicki and is featured on The Wings of War, which will be released in February.

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