Welcome back, Shadows Fall! The band has announced that they will reunite for a December date later this year with a pretty powerful lineup set to join them.

The group is currently booked for a one-off performance at The Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts on Dec. 18 with a lineup that includes support from Unearth, Darkest Hour, Within the Ruins, Sworn Enemy and Carnivore. A trailer for the show can be viewed below.

"As the wise prophet D.L.R. once said, 'I HEARD YA MISSED US, WE'RE BACK,'" says singer Brian Fair. "I couldn't be more excited to be getting back onstage with my brothers in Shadows Fall and there is no room I would rather do it in than The Palladium in Worcester. It has been six years since we last played a show and we are ready to unleash the fury like Yngwie."

He continues, "We have been trying to find a way to jam together and play live for a little while now and the planets have finally aligned, schedules worked out, and with the help of a ton of our good friends, we were able to pull it off. This is the only show we have planned so shine up your dancing shoes, stretch out your neck, crack a brew, and get your ass to Massachusetts!"

Fair finishes, "[Guitarists] Matt [Bachand] and Jon [Donais] started this band 25 years ago and it still amazes me that the music we made allowed us to travel the world, share the stage with legends, and put out a ton of records that I will always be proud of. This show is a way for us to celebrate the music and thank all of the people that supported us through the years and helped us live the dream. I can't wait to rage through songs from our entire catalog with a bunch of metalhead Massholes maniacs! I've said it before and i'll say it again — there ain't no party like a Shadows Fall party."

Shadows Fall released seven studio albums between 1997 and 2012 and their song "What Drives the Weak" was nominated for a Best Metal Performance Grammy in 2006. The group went on hiatus in 2014, with several of the members landing gigs in other groups. Jon Donais has played guitar for Anthrax, Jason Bittner is the drummer for Overkill and guitarist Matt Bachand has been a member of Act of Defiance.

In May of 2020, singer Brian Fair revealed that a reunion had been in the works before the pandemic stricken year of 2020 wiped it out. "We had some framework rolling to try and get some things kind of to the next level of really moving forward, and now it's all just at a standstill," stated Fair at the time. "As far as playing together, we never broke up because we didn't wanna do it; it just didn't make sense at the time."

At present, the reunion show is just a one-off. SoundRink VIP tickets go on sale on Wednesday, June 23 at 10AM local time. The local pre-sale is set for Thursday, June 24 at 10AM with the promo code "WEEEE." The regular on-sale is set for Friday, June 25 at 10AM local time. Get tickets here.

Shadows Fall Reunion Trailer

Shadows Fall 2021 Reunion Show

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