Spongebob should've stuck with his pineapple under the sea, after a police encounter in Los Angeles.

Spongebob, or some schmuck in a Spongebob costume, was out in front of Graumann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood. If you have ever been there, then you know that the theater hosts a myriad of folks in costume. On a normal day you'll encounter a few Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, and sometimes a celebrity look-a-like.

Most of these people are out of work actors (in LA, get out, I know), who spend their day getting a few bucks from tourists who want to have their picture taken with them. However Spongebob was being his annoying self and starts harassing two women who weren't having any of it.

A scuffle broke out and police were called. After getting a new one ripped, the actor was forced to leave his costume. Ensuring that children could see their beloved cartoon hero, lying out on the concrete on Hollywood Boulevard. The same thing happened to me when I saw a drunk Ninja Turtle passed out on the street I grew up on, after one Halloween.You gotta grow up sometime.

Check out the video below and read the full story here.