It’s Wrestlemania weekend, so we crashed WWE’s Superstars For Hope event in New York City to ask Seth Rollins, Charlotte Flair, Paige, Stephanie McMahon and more WWE greats about their favorite music.

Seth Rollins will face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship this Sunday in a battle between legit metalheads. In the clip above, Rollins defends Parkway Drive’s new direction and raves about their full discography, calling the metalcore giants the best live band he’s ever seen.

We all know Triple H is a metalhead, but did you know Stephanie McMahon is a massive Metallica fan? The first tape McMahon ever bought was Metallica’s Ride the Lightning and she’s kept her metal fandom running in the family. The corporate icon even told us a story about her eight-year-old daughter jamming “Am I Evil?” to amp herself up before a terrifying stunt.

Charlotte Flair will make history this year, becoming the first female Wrestlemania main-eventer alongside Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch. Flair spoke to us about digging the Red Hot Chili Peppers growing up and bonding with her iconic father, Ric Flair, on the music of Tina Turner.

Check out WWE’s most talented performers talk about rock and metal above and be sure to watch Wrestlemania this Sunday on the WWE Network.

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